AIS technology

AIS Technology is a System Integrator based in Malta. AIS Technology develops end-to-end solutions which automate and simplify day-to-day business operations for their customers. Their mission is to deliver tailor-made systems which meet their client’s needs.

The Problem

AIS’ client needed a solution that would be energy efficient and would give the ability to monitor and automate its collection of utility data to ensure that all building services function as effectively and efficiently as possible.

AIS wanted to change the stand-alone energy, water and gas meters as the collection of data had to be done manually. They also wanted to improve their clients’ every day to day operations and for that they wanted to provide an automatic billing mechanism to issue monthly consumption reports

The Solution

In order to solve this problem, AIS Technology delivered a metering and billing system built on cloud technology. The solution is built on Ubidots, the cloud IoT monitoring platform from which AIS Technology provides and connects their IoT devices via plugins, MQTT and REST APIs. Using Ubidots, helped AIS Technology to build custom, user-friendly interfaces and dashboards which can be easily deployed to customers.

On-premises devices with 4G and Ethernet connectivity collect data from the various meters. The edge devices collect and store the energy, water and gas consumption data generated by the sensors and transmit it to Ubidots via MQTT.

Thanks to Ubidot, this has helped AIS’s solution to automate calculations and generating monthly reports on the consumption utilities. This not only means that the process is rid of potential human errors, but also that the business is more efficient, reducing time wastage in about 30%, now that the staff focuses on higher-value activities. 

A great benefit of such real-time data monitoring is the ability to receive alerts that can be tailored to trigger when data reaches a certain threshold, as would be the case in the event of water leakage, for example. 

Moreover, the metering and billing solution is a key tool in the client’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint, which was reduced by 5%.

For these benefits, the IoT solution has resulted in a good return on investments within a few months.

“Using Ubidots has significantly simplified not only our deployments, but also results in a quick ROI for our customers. Thanks to Ubidots, the ‘wow factor’ is delivered to our customers in seconds and we can work for multiple industries instead of focusing just on one.” 

Darryl Schembri                                                                                                                                                                                                      GM of AIS Technology

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