Water & Sewage

We provide  monitoring solutions for water levels, pressure within pipes and opening / closing of manholes and drain covers. We have a range of sensors that are battery operated and can communicate via LoRaWAN or NBIoT / LTE-M1, with battery life exceeding 5 years per device.

Sensors can be positioned on the underside of manholes or drain covers and can report on water levels below. These ruggedised sensors are IP rated, so can withstand the demanding environmental conditions whilst still reporting exceptional events. 

Pipe pressure sensors can be installed in mains supply lines and report changes of pressure within the pipe. By analysing historic results, modelling can provide abnormal behaviour including water loss.

Our cloud platform can store years of data sent from these devices, and via definable calculations, report on pressure changes triggering specific alerts to service and maintenance teams.

Energy Monitoring

We provide  energy monitoring products and solutions for retail and factory premises.  Being able to analyse energy usage on individual circuits and across multiple sites means having sensors that can measure electricity , gas, oil and water usage. We can supply  a cost effective network of sensors that can work on batteries or self harvested power meaning low to no maintenance .

 If you have a use case then ask us if we have a solution for it , normally we can find a solution .

Gateways onsite then pass information to the cloud where data is stored and converted into meaningful dashboards and analysis.

Our dashboards can be built with a variety of user permissions to allow individuals or groups to see the information that is relevant to them. Energy analysis then can help to drive changes in behaviour and power usage.

Traffic Management

We provide  monitoring solutions for carparks.  Via individual sensors positioned underneath car parking positions  battery operated devices pass data via an onsite gateway to our cloud portal which then presents information to users and operators via different user defined dashboards.

Where customers have limited car parking or are looking for available charging points in the case of EV’s, quick availability data can be linked to 3rd party websites via our open API or  directly to our cloud portal or via web or phone.

Our sensors use batteries, and the low power connectivity providing  battery life  exceeding 3 years before change . 

Historic and live data can be queried to present car park utilisation &   trends in busy times helping with journey management.

Workspace Management

We provide  monitoring solutions for the workspace . Individual sensors positioned discretely underneath desks  pass wireless data regarding workspace utilisation to an onsite gateway. Our gateways can receive data from other sensors , so information can be mixed with environmental , energy usage, temperatures , lighting . room occupancy and other useful  building data.

These pieces of information are forwarded and stored in our secure servers and rich tools allow presentation of this information inside clients websites or on dedicated dashboards and mobile devices. Information can be supplied directly in to work utilisation tools and hot desking software via open API’s.

Our sensors use batteries with lifetimes exceeding 5 years  or in certain instances they self harvest power from the installed environment .

We can build rich dashboards importing sensor data into 2D/3D maps to help with building wayfinding and management.

Waste Management

We provide monitoring solutions for waste levels and environmental monitoring of waste sites. A range of sensors that are battery operated can be strategically mounted and can communicate via Lora or NBIoT / LTE-M1 directly to our cloud platform,

Sensors can be positioned on the underside of bins , industrial waste containers or skips and can monitor load levels to help in the route management to optimise collection and disposal. Where waste is stored , buried or contained in areas measurements can be collected for harmful gases such as methane and Carbon Monoxide and reported at predefined intervals or when levels become harmful.

Our cloud platform is agnostic to sensor manufacturer’ protocols, when operating under standard communication layers so data can be aggregated from many sources. Our technical team can support the onboarding the products we offer and various 3rd party devices when required.