Milesight Desk & Seat Occupancy Sensor

VS34x is an occupancy sensor designed to detect whether desks or seats in a workspace are occupied, allowing for better management and optimisation of space usage.

The standard version of the sensor VS340 uses PIR technology for detection. The pro version VS341 applies additional Thermopile IR technology to provide more accurate and precise detection capabilities.

VS34x features an adjustable field of view angle for greater flexibility in different scenarios. With wireless detection and easy configuration, the VS34x offers reliable and convenient desk or seat arrangement optimization. It is compatible with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud solution, enabling real-time monitoring of desks and seats’ status for effective remote management.

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Key Features

Up to 98% Ultra-High Accuracy

100% Anonymous Detection

Tiny and Non-Invasive Design

Adjustable PIR Angles for Flexible Performance

LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment

Technical Details

– Achieve up to 98% accuracy with a high-precision PIR sensor and an extra Thermopile IR Temperature sensor in the pro version
– Dual versions are available, including standard and Pro, to accommodate different latency requirements
– Provide different types of PIR covers for adjustable and flexible field angles and different detecting ranges.
– Support Milesight D2D protocol to enable ultra-low latency and directly control without gateways.
– V0 grade flame retardant material makes it adaptable to various scenarios, enhancing safety and reliability.
– Equipped with NFC for one-touch configuration, support card emulation mode.
– Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers.
– Compatible with Milesight IoT Cloud.