Checkpoint Systems is an American company that specialises in loss prevention and merchandise visibility for retail companies. It makes products that allow retailers to check inventory, quicken the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft.

The Problem

Checkpoint approached Hubit to supply them with 3000 pcs of the R1510 routers that were placed out in the field. But when AT&T turned off 3G at a short notice we were called to provide them with a solution to reconfigure the routers remotely with a 3 week deadline.

For that reason we provided Checkpoint with a 3G sunset configuration. This would cost Checkpoint in resource and time to reconfigure 3000 spreads across the USA.

The Solution

To start the process, we met with the manufacture and agreed a plan to get a config file that would be able to save changes the router stored when it would be up and running.

With the support of our supplier, we remotely configured all 300 routers in a short period of time despite the short notice.

Checkpoint was relieved and delighted at the service and support our team at Hubit and the team of our manufacturer provided and confirmed that the routers worked with not one drop out even when 3G was turned off making this project a success.