Dalkia is a leading technical and energy services company in the UK, committed to increasing the use of renewable and local energies and energy savings.

The Problem

Dalkia contracted Hubit to address their needs for Power, Environmental, and People Monitoring.

The Solution

Hubit’s approach focused on a non-intrusive installation solution, minimising disruption to existing infrastructure while ensuring efficient data transmission through wireless sensors utilising LoRa. This enabled seamless communication with clamps and sensors, facilitating data collection and transmission to Dalkia’s integrated dashboard. The dashboard was built using Ubidots which following customisation, offered a user-friendly interface for monitoring and analysis.

Dalkia successfully deployed Hubit’s solutions to five buildings across the UK. After just three months of deployment, data analysis revealed that making small changes to the core building management system would yield a remarkable ROI within 13 months, underscoring the effectiveness and value proposition of the solution. This data has provided Dalkia with invaluable insights into energy consumption patterns, environmental conditions, and occupancy trends, empowering Dalkia to optimise operations and enhance efficiency further.