Fleet Service Ltd

Fleet Service Ltd is an independent garage specialising in maintenance and repair of vehicle fleets, alongside an ever growing portfolio of bespoke specialist vehicle conversions.

The Problem

Fleet Service Ltd partnered with Hubit to address their need for a comprehensive ‘cold chain’ monitoring solution for transporting pharmaceutical drugs. The solution required temperature monitoring, tampering alarms, door alarms, geofencing driver RGID tags and driver behaviour monitoring.

The Solution

To fulfil these requirements, Fleet Service Ltd integrated a G150 telematics unit and TG software with low-energy Bluetooth temperature/humidity sensors, positioning them in the necessary areas for temperature monitoring. This enabled Fleet Service Ltd to access the location of all fleet vehicles via the onboard GPS and monitor the temperature of the drugs during transportation, tracking individual journeys and drivers.

Google Maps and the built-in Geofencing feature within the software allowed Fleet Service to identify low bridges and issue in-cab alarms if a bridge was approached, in addition to monitoring driver behaviour metrics like acceleration, speed and braking.

Fleet Service Ltd expressed satisfaction with the implemented solution and plans to initiate trials within the next five weeks.