Agriculture Integrator

It is no secret that IoT has the potential to transform the future of agriculture, with the exponential growth of the world population, it is estimated that food production will need to increase by 70% by 2050 (according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation). 

The Problem

An agriculture integrator contacted us to purchase just one cellular router and didn’t really want to discuss what it was being used for. Once we spoke to the customer we discovered that the cellular router was just one component of a larger design to monitor farming statistics.

The statistics were being used to provide farmers with growth curves of animals and feeding routines using a 3D Time of Flight camera. The whole system consisted of various components, which the customer was finding difficult to source due to the lack of funds, staff and manufacturing space.

The Solution

Due to the elements we designed units that were manufactured to be dust and waterproof as well as fully IP rated to IP66, along with IP rated connectors for ease of use and reliability. Working alongside our customer we produced a prototype unit for them to test and send out to their end customer for certification. 


The client was so pleased with our solution that have since ordered approximately 50 units as part of a testing rollout. Asking our customers about their application and project to ascertain how we can assist them only helped them long term with a wider solution that we were able to provide just by making the effort and building up a great relationship with our customer that it’s based on technical knowledge, trust and a willing partnership from both parties to help the project succeed.

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