Prospect Control

Prospect Control is an engineering company that focuses on industrial control and automation systems. It was founded in 2006 by Steve Barker, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Prospect’s engineering team develops innovative solutions that enhance the operational effectiveness of traditional control systems, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), instrumentation, and electrical systems.

The Problem

Dedicated to industrial control and automation systems, ProspectControl was looking to save their customers time and money with the implementation of trustworthy and efficient solutions.

They wanted to simplify and modify tasks and their on-site monitoring that could unnecessarily cost more if mistakes were gone unnoticed. Prospect Control wanted to incorporate new tools for their solutions to help make their job easier, having a bigger impact on their customers and helping the business grow.

The Solution

An essential requirement for Prospect Control was an easy to use, fast to build and deploy system that would allow them to deliver a remote tank level inventory system that was accessible for their costumers via a web-based interface.

Ubidots provided IoT solutions for the cloud portion. With this solution Prospect Control has been able to replace their expensive and complex usual setup for their customers, resulting in an automated solution that gives on-demand access across the organisation to the tank levels.

Having deployed this solution on multiple tanks across two sites, the agricultural chemicals manufacturer has plans to roll it to their entire operation in the rest of Australia.

Making manual tasks automated and making the data accessible to view remotely via a secure web interface has helped site operators to focus on higher value activities.

This results in insubstantial operational cost savings of $50-$60k per year, per site, in turn delivering an outstanding ROI for the IoT system.

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‘’ Our customers have been very pleased with the results we have delivered for them applying IoT solutions using Ubidots.’’

Steve Bake

Founder &  CEO

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