Touchstar Manchester

TouchStar Technologies Ltd has been supplying turnkey data collection and mobile computing solutions for industrial and commercial applications since 1982. Global leaders in multiple business sectors have benefited from a highly professional approach to project fulfilment.

The Problem

We worked with Touchstar to supply 1,080 units of a 2G cellular module, an essential component of their fuelling system. However, at the factory the modules were loaded with the wrong firmware, which was incompatible with the Touchstar fuelling system. 

Touchstar could not build their fuel system unit with this version of firmware on the chip, so we needed to come up with a rapid solution that would give Touchstar the correct firmware as soon as possible.

The Solution

As Touchstar could not complete their build and invoice customers with the products we supplied, we needed to act as fast as possible. Our team met as soon as possible to design an action plan, before consulting with Touchstar on how we would resolve the situation. 

As we didn’t have time to return the products to the manufacturer, we decided the best course of action to take was to send one of our experts to reflash firmware on the modules after two days for four nights. The modules were successfully loaded with the correct firmware, resolving the problem, meaning the modules were fully functional. 

Touchstar was very impressed with our initiative and dedication in achieving our deadline as well as with our ongoing support even after the problem was resolved.