InHand Cellular Router – InRouter305

InHand InRouter305

On today’s blog we are going to be focusing on the InHand InRouter305. The IR305 is part of InHand’s IR300 series. The InHand cellular router isn’t only a great compact router but, due to its versatility can be used in many sectors such as:

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Facilities and Building Management
  • Environmental/Energy
  • Security
  • Utilities
  • Vending
  • Fuel Management

InRouter305 – what are the benefits? 

The InRouter305 (IR305) is an industrial IoT cellular router that integrates 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and VPN technologies to provide an easy, reliable, and secure internet connection. With technologies such as 4G wireless wide area network and Wi-Fi wireless local area network, it provides uninterrupted multiple network access capabilities, and with its comprehensive security and wireless services, it provides high-speed data access for equipment networking. With the ability to support multiple VPN solutions, the InHand IR300 series can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures.

3 reasons to choose InHand IR305?

  1. The InHand IR305 is a reliable and robust product with competitive pricing and global coverage.
  2. InHand have a strong R&D resource, willingness to co-operate with customers for further requests.
  3. Short lead times, stable supply system and fast response as a manufacturer.

Why to choose InHand IR305 instead of IR600 series?

The InHand IR305 is part of the InRouter300 series, which is designed for businesses and organisations that require reliable, secure, and high-speed mobile connectivity. Here are some reasons why the IR300 series, is a better fit for certain use cases compared to the older IR600 series:


Compact, Industrial-Grade Design: Whereas both the IR300 and IR600 series are industrial grade routers, the IR300 series has a more compact form factor and has been designed to fit within smaller applications. Both are built to withstand harsh environments and are ideal for powering critical applications in industries such as transportation, energy, and public safety. The rugged design ensures that it can operate in extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration.

End of Life: Some versions of the IR600 series have already been made end of life, with the IR300 series replacing them. InHand have the upmost confidence that the IR300 series is a perfect replacement for the IR600 routers, with more options available to make the IR300 routers a perfect fit for your application.

Price Point: The IR300 range of routers are more competitive in pricing when compared to the IR600 models. This allows us to find the perfect solution for you for the right price without sacrificing any of the features.

Under the Bonnet: The IR300 boasts a more powerful chipset than the IR600 series, despite it being smaller in size. For example, the IR305 houses a more modern 580MHz CPU, more up to date 128MB DDR2 RAM and 64MB SPI Flash storage, whereas the IR615 has a similar CPU running at 580MHz, slower and older RAM and smaller storage capacity.

Flexibility: Don’t need WiFi, but need RS232 and some digital outputs? Not a problem, you are able to choose your model with the specific inputs and outputs you require. There is no point paying more for something that you won’t be using. InHand offer their routers with either the bare minimum, such as 5 x Ethernet ports and an antenna connector: or with 5 x Ethernet ports, WiFi, RS232/RS485 on a terminal connection and 4 x digital input / outputs. This gives the user full flexibility for their application.



Security: The IR300 and IR600 series have not dropped the ball when he comes to security and data privacy. They both boast advanced security features such as VPN, firewall, and DMZ, protecting against cyber threats and ensuring data privacy. This ensures that businesses can transmit sensitive data over the network without any security risks.

Remote Management & Software: When it comes to remote management, both the IR300 & 600 series are compatible with InHand’s free Device Manager platform. This allows the users to manage and update their devices remotely from a central location.  This simplifies the management of multiple devices and ensures that businesses can efficiently manage their network.

Dual-SIM Slots: The IR300 and IR600 series both feature dual-SIM slots as standard, which provide failover and load balancing capabilities for uninterrupted connectivity. This ensures that businesses can stay connected even in remote or mobile environments.


Overall, the InHand IR300 series, including the IR305, offers businesses and organisations a more rugged, reliable, and secure cellular router solution than the IR600 series. If your organisation requires high-speed mobile connectivity and a more powerful device, the IR300 series may be a better fit for your needs.


Download the full product specification sheet here. 

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