32″ Outdoor Double Sided Totem

Where high quality video and information are required, LCD technology is still one of the main technology choices especially when you are up close, on foot and on the go. Totems can be supplied in a range of sizes from 32” up to 86” and can be single or double sided.

Brightness levels up to 4,000 nits, with varying optical treatments to ensure readability and stability outdoors. Electronics are designed to operate at high temperatures and in direct sunlight. All display modules we provide are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions and operate with minimal maintenance.

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Technical Details

Active Display Area: 698 x 392mm per screen
Dimensions: 797 x 491 x 91.5mm
Brightness: 2500 cd/m2
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
IP Rating: IP66
Impact Rating: IK08