15.6″ Open Frame Touch Screen

An Open Frame Touch Monitor (OFM) is an LCD display device with a projective capacitive touch screen normally attached to the front of the chassis. Typically these are then rear mounted into an enclosure and interfaced via HDMI for the display and USB for touch screen.

They can easily be integrated into a product design using its flange mounting system, which pulls the assembly up to the metal enclosure housing with the inclusion of a thin gasket. Due to the mounting nature, there is a lip formed by the enclosure aperture which can encroach up to the touchscreens active area.

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Technical Details

Active Display Area: 344.16 (W) x193.59 (H) mm
Dimensions: 401.2 x 250.5 x 37.9mm
Brightness: LED: 220nits / Display 189 cd/m2 with PCAP touchscreen
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
VGA: 1 x VGA
DVI: 1 x DVI
Audio: 1 x 3.5mm jack
Touch: 1 x touch interface USB