InHand InGateway502 Series

The InGateway502 (IG502) series IoT edge gateway is a small-sized IoT edge gateway developed for industrial IoT applications. It provides uninterrupted Internet access over globally ubiquitous 5G/LTE cellular network and multiple broadband services. With powerful edge computing capabilities, comprehensive security protection and wireless services, the IG502 can support networking of up to tens of thousands of devices, providing high-speed data channels for device informatisation.

The IG502 supports mainstream industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP/RTU. With support for major IoT cloud platforms including AWS and Microsoft Azure, it enables onsite devices to be connected to the cloud with ease. Featuring open edge computing platforms, the IG502 is capable of data optimization, real-time response, agile connection and intelligent analysis on the IoT edge, thus significantly reducing data flow between field sites and data centre, cutting users’ operation costs and relieving pressure on the cloud. Excellent performance, ease for deployment and perfect functions for remote management make the IG502 stand out in the information construction of devices.

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Key Features

Industrial grade

Multitude of communication protocols supported

Powerful edge computing

Highly reliable design

Easy to use

Technical Details

+ Supports 5G, LTE CAT4, CAT1 and Ethernet
+ Supports multiple industrial protocols, compatible with various industrial devices
+ Supports major IoT cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and AWS
+ Supports Python-based platform for secondary development, edge smart
+ Multi-layer link detection mechanism, ensuring high device availability and reliability
+ Fully industrial-grade, ready for challenging conditions
+ Multiple management methods, fast, flexible and efficient deployment