InHand IR302 Cellular Router

The InRouter302 (IR302) is an IoT cellular router that integrates 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and VPN technologies to provide an easy, reliable, and secure Internet connectivity. With technologies such as 4G wireless wide area network and Wi-Fi wireless local area network, it provides uninterrupted multiple network access capabilities, and with its comprehensive security and wireless services, it realises up to 10 thousands equipment networking and provides high-speed data access for equipment networking.

This product is suitable for the networking of unattended devices and sites. It is embedded with watchdog and multi-layer link detection mechanisms to ensure reliable and stable communications.

The router can be deployed easily to build large scale networks scaling up to tens of thousands of devices. Using our InHand Device Manager cloud platform, users can manage their network efficiently.

The IR302 can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial IoT applications, providing an option of good balance between cost and performance.

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Key Features

Compact size, easy for mass deployment

Watchdog and multi-layer link detection mechanisms, reliable connectivity

Strong security measures for data transmission, network and device access

Remote management, easy for batch configuration

LTE NBIoT, Cat 1 & Cat 4 options available with Ethernet or Serial

Technical Details

+ Supports high-speed LTE CAT 4 and low-speed LTE CAT 1 CAT M1/NB IoT networks
+ Dual Ethernet ports, WAN/LAN
+ Multiple VPN protocols
+ Built-in link redundancy, dual-SIM failover, ensure uninterrupted communications
+ Supports InHand Device Manager cloud platform for central network management
+ Compact in size, easy to install