Parani-SD1000 Bluetooth Serial Adapter

The Parani-SD1000 is a Class1 type of Bluetooth Serial Adapter that supports 100 meters of wireless transmit distance by default. The Parani-SD1000 has an extension option so that users can extend the transmit distance up to 1000 meters using optional antennas. It supports Bluetooth v2.0+EDR specification. Parani-SD1000 has two battery-pack options, standard and extended battery pack. By these options, Parani-SD1000’s portability is more enhanced. The Parani-SD1000 also supports up to 4 multiple simultaneous connections.

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Key Features

Serial RS232

Up to 1,000m range (with additional antennas)

Various power options

Software available

Compact design

Technical Details

Bluetooth Specification v2.0 + EDR
Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement
Supports up to 4 multiple simultaneous connections
Basic Transmit Power : Max. +18dBm, EDR Transmit Power : Max. +6dBm
Receiving Sensitivity : -88dBm(0.1%BER)
Supports Bluetooth profiles SPP(Serial Port Profile)
Interoperability with PDA, laptops etc.
Supports firmware upgrade via windows-based software(ParaniUpdater)
Working distance ( In an open field ) : Nom. 100 meters, up to 1000m using patch antenna
Enhanced portability : standard & extended battery pack options
Easy to use Windows configuration tool available.
No external drivers required.