RockREMOTE Satellite Gateway

RockREMOTE is a communication solution for remote IoT applications. It connects telemetry devices and monitoring applications using a range of interfaces. RockREMOTE can transport more sensor data than Short Burst Data services, including compressed images.

It runs on Iridium Certus 100, which is IP-based, or Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT), which is message-based, or it switches to LTE if cellular connections are available. When combined with the Cloudloop platform, it provides an innovative solution for your data gathering, transfer, backhaul, and management needs.

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Key Features

Global Connectivity

Highly Secure

Iridium Satellite Network

Powerful Link into Hubit Visualisation Platform


Technical Details

Global Connectivity from Iridium: Combining the Iridium LEO network, Certus 100 and least cost data routing over cellular LTE ensures connectivity that matches your application needs from anywhere in the world.

IMT Option – Optimising Data Transfer: With Iridium Messaging Transfer (IMT) there is no TCP/IP overhead – only pay for sending your message payload. Integrated lossless compression further reduces the IoT payload. For small messages, there is up to 90% cost saving versus Certus IP.

Solution Flexibility and Evolution: Equipped with a range of serial, digital and LAN connectivity options, the RockREMOTE connects a wide range of measuring and monitoring sensors. It helps solve short-term challenges and enables development of your IoT application needs over time.

Security: The combination of controls on the device itself and security measures within the delivery network ensure peace of mind and security needed to protect your remote IoT assets and data.