The Evolution of Internet of Things (IoT)

The evolution of IoT

Internet of Things(IoT) is an ecosystem of connected devices that exchanges data over a wired or wireless network.  These devices could be smartphones, laptops, smart electric appliances, smart office equipment or any device tagged with sensors. Data generated by these devices is then shared with servers located in cloud or on-premise, where it is processed to gain insights that help in making decisions. 

With the rising adoption of the internet of things the world is becoming faster in terms of connectivity. Even though we are at the beginning stages we are witnessing the start of a new technological era that is estimated to represent the next revolution of the connected world.

The birth of IoT

Firstly of course is the Pre Internet Era where there is only the element of Human to Human communication. That means a fixed telephone line or SMS. 

Up next the Internet of Content takes place. WWW or World Wide Web which indicates the time we started using emails and minor messages that would help with communication. The WWW or W3; refers to all the public websites or pages that users can access on their local computers and other devices through  the Internet.

The Internet of Services naturally comes after the evolution of Web 2.0 that is a major component of what we know now as modern internet. This is when services such as e-commerce or e-productivity were born.

Currently we are living in the era of Internet of People where people around the world get to connect with each other no matter where they are. Humans are connected with each other in multiple ways. Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype and many more are the main elements of this era. Emails and SMS aren’t the only sources of communication.

As we have reached the peak of the Internet of People era, we are approaching a new one where machines can communicate with each other.

The Machine to Machine is the natural result of this constant evolution. Machines are becoming smarter with their own characteristics and personalities. This is how the Internet of Things was born. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are going to take over this new promising era. 

The future of IoT

The potential of IoT is unlimited and it can bring amazing benefits not only to businesses but also the whole planet and humanity.

A study has shown that 84% of existing IoT deployment address, or have the power to advance, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

This includes promoting more efficient use of natural resources, building water, ‘smart cities’, and developing clean, affordable energy alternatives.

For that our team at Hubit is working with businesses from multiple different sectors including the agriculture sector, where we are helping farmers close the gap of supply and demand due to the increase in population the last few years. Precision agriculture technologies consist of highly specialized equipment, wireless connectivity and software/IT services.

Here at Hubit our optimum goal is to look at opportunities and find partners, products and services that match what our customers are looking for.

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