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Hubit have partnered up with Ubidots


Hubit have partnered up with Ubidots to be able to provide our customers with full visualisation of their data; and with the service being hosted on a UK based AWS server, you can trust that your data is secure and safe.

Ubidots allows you to merge the physical and digital worlds into deployable, end-user ready IoT Applications that deliver insights and solve problems.

Connect hardware to Ubidots cloud easily with more than 200 user-proven libraries, SDKs, and tutorials to guide your integration over HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, or by Parsing custom/industrial protocols. Whether onboarding 1 or 1,000 devices, it takes the same amount of effort with Ubidots Device Types. Replicate creating the new device in Ubidots automatically configuring variables, device properties, and appearance each time a new piece of hardware is detected.


What are the benefits of Ubidots?



Ubidots allows edge devices or sensors with an open protocol to be onboarded to the platform due to the extreme flexibility of their system. This allows the data received to be organised within the platform, and a host of pre-built widgets can help you see the desired information quickly.


User-friendly interface

The multiple layering of pages allows the onboarding of assets to build a quick and useful user interface with alerts and notifications, data manipulation and streamlining, being tailored to a desired workflow.


3rd party plugins

Create your own API and parse data into a Node.js cloud GET or POST HTTP function, extending your connected solution beyond the boundaries of Ubidots architecture and capabilities.

Parse data and ingest any 3rd party protocols or device clouds like Sigfox, Particle Cloud, mcCloud, NB-IoT, TTN, LoRaWan networks, and more.


White-label branding

While the ability for non-intrusive data collection is critical, it is the seamless delivery of the information to the users, based on their personal preferences, that truly makes Ubidots a powerful decision support tool.

Mask Ubidots branding with your own organisation’s brand and likeness. We built the network for you to build the business. Create custom user login portals, URLs, dashboard colours, logos, favicons, other visual elements, and languages to make your applications truly yours.


Budget friendly

Where widgets do not exist, a powerful graphical tool allows us to create them, extending into us helping you to design your own process and control dashboard.

Why Ubidots ? 

Ubidots are experts in software development and provides the ever-evolving development of cloud-based solutions. At Hubit we can provide a cost-effective solution if you require your data come together and be reviewed locally or remotely.






Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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