Curve Energy ST

Curve Energy ST creates application programs for PLCs. Once a programme   is loaded into the application hardware, Curve assists on-site commissioning engineer with the setting up running and validation testing of the system.

The Problem

Due to the travel restrictions during the pandemic Curve Energy ST was in need of a reliable solution that would allow their engineers to work on their projects by offering unlimited flexibility to their work structure.

The Solution

In order to help our client our team of experts offered a bespoke solution that would help meet our client’s needs. Our team offered as a solution the IR302 Router application. The wi-fi aspect of the router allows the on-site engineer access without the need for ethernet cables and also in some cases where the plant equipment is outside allows the work to be carried out indoors.

Curve Energy ST has 30+ sites, and uses the router for a daily inspection of the system status. This gives Curve advanced information of any possible issues. Curve Energy has been using the Inhand routers for over 10 years and found them to be ultra reliable.


‘’If just 1 service call by an engineer to attend the site is saved, then the router is saving the client money. It is this reason that my main client is now putting a router on every device that they install. This client provides commercial and industrial Heat Pumps.’’