Integrated Water Systems (IWS)

Integrated Water Services is the leading supplier of legionella control services & Mechanical & Electrical Services, providing specialist related water services, throughout the United Kingdom.

The Problem

IWS approached Hubit for an IoT solution to automate manual testing aimed at preventing Legionnaire’s Disease in building water systems. IWS additionally required a way to transmit data to a centralised dashboard for analysis and compliance.

The Solution

Recognising the substantial manpower costs involved in manual testing, Hubit’s solution aims to deliver an automated valve and temperature measurement system. This system measures the temperature in pipes and transfers these readings to the cloud via our latest IoT low-powered Datalogger. The Hawk’s efficient power consumption allows for a battery-operated system capable of sustaining enough energy for 3 -5 years.

The received data will be stored for up to 5 years, and a client-facing dashboard based on Ubidots will be provided, offering real-time site information. Ubidots’ powerful manipulation tools allow for the reformatting and reporting of data in line with customer requirements.