On today’s blog we are going to be focusing on Owasys which is a Spanish company that specialises in designing and manufacturing devices for industries such as transportation, industrial machines and logistics.

With excellent technical knowledge spanning over the course of 20 years, Owasys focus on developing solutions that can be customised to meet the specific requirements for our customers. By offering strong engineering support and having a ready made software library available, Owasy and Hubit are ready to support your applications.

 Why Owasys

Hubit Have partnered up with Owasys for best part of decade, as they have been able to provide professionalism, quality  and excellent knowledge in the industries they work in. Together with Owasys we work to attend the unique needs of our customers and for that we provide tailored solutions that help improve their  operations, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Owasys products include devices such as trackers, gateways and routers that are designed to connect to the internet and transmit data from vehicles and industrial machines. Their products include devices such as trackers, gateways and routers that are designed to connect to the internet and transmit data from various sensors and devises. They also offer software and services to manage and analyse the data collected. With access to powerful edge computing, you can build your application on the device and run all the computing locally, including storage of the gathered data. This way you can put the intelligence close to the point of acquisition.

Owasys devices are exceptionally flexible due to their open Linux Debian operating system and platform, alongside a vast library of pre-built templates for applications configuration.

All products are certified with CE, E-MARK, FCC&PTCRB & have a a wide range of additional options available for each product, such as gyroscope, accelerometers and multiple CANBUS interfaces for further monitoring capabilities.

Where have Hubit used Owasys?
One application where the Owasys Can bus has been successfully deployed is in EV charging systems. EVs rely on a complex network of electronic systems to manage their charging and discharge cycles, and the Owasys Can bus is an essential component in this system. 

In this application, the Owasys Can bus is used to connect different components of the charging system, such as the charger, battery management system (BMS), and vehicle control unit (VCU). The device enables real-time exchange of information between these components, allowing the charging process to be monitored and controlled in real-time. 

Where these devices are implemented in harsh environments, the Owasys units are ruggedised to withstand these locations with IP rated housing to offer protection against dust, water and impacts. 

The Owasys units are highly customisable with modular addons such as a gyroscope, additional memory for processing power and speed, accelerometers and even additional CANBUS inputs for further monitoring capabilities. 

Overall, the Owasys devices offer you absolute control of your application by incorporating a full Linux Debian operating system, followed by your application stack alongside Owasys’ library full of software templates. 




Download the full product specification sheet here. 

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