55″ Indoor Digital Display – High Brightness

A full of display sizes that are configured to run as monitors, or with a separate media player or via an internal computer directly on the unit. In its simplest form, this could be via a USB key with content to a more sophisticated system networked system via physical ethernet connection or WiFi.

When deciding whether this type of product is suitable, consider whether the signage software (CMS partner) can provide an application that can run on such a device. In the case of Android, this often depends on the version of Android and whether the supplier has a version of their software tested to run on such a device.

Be aware with OS versions moving forward continually, your platform may become outdated and certain security measures not be updated on older platforms.

With our range, we can offer a solution with built in Android or where the requirement is for Windows or Linux (x86); we can offer an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification). OPS is a pluggable media player in simple terms where there is a common standard between the media player and the monitor to allow a built in solution with the option to chose the power and configuration of the OPS to match your CMS requirements.

In the case of service, troubleshooting is simplified as the OPS can be removed quickly onsite.

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Technical Details

Active Display Area: 1213.8mm x 684.8mm
Dimensions: 1220.8mm (Width) x 701.8 mm (Height) x 57.2 mm (Depth)
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Brightness: 3,000 cd/m2
Additional features: Ambient light sensors, built in fan with heat sink & cloud upload for temperature monitoring