InHand Networks CR202 Portable 4G Router

The mobile 4G cellular router greatly increases the access flexibility in remote office/study, mobile scenarios, and field scenarios with a reliable Internet connectivity. It can also guarantee a smooth business operation for small and medium sized branches and self service terminal scenarios and avoid any network failure may exist.

We add wired networks to the wireless access, which increases the diversity of device access to the network and can effectively ensure that the network is not interrupted. The powerful built in battery also allows you to work anytime and anywhere. With the lightweight design, it allows for unrestricted device mobility.

Combined with the DM cloud management platform, the CR202 guarantees efficient device management capabilities. Providing customers with high speed network access, simple and convenient network management services to empower the core network.


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Key Features

High-speed cellular network, portable access

Multi-device Wi-Fi network, easy access

Built-in battery, connectivity anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based configuration management


Technical Details

Convenient and Functional Network Access
Supports high-speed cellular networks for fast and stable service.
• High-speed cellular network LTE CAT4/CAT6
• Compatible with low and medium speed cellular network access
• 2 external 4G gain antennas

Enjoy a Reliable Network
Provide stable network services to effectively ensure uninterrupted network.
• Watchdog and firewall
• Multi-layer link detection mechanism

Effortless Build a Wi-Fi Network
Wireless Wi-Fi networking capability enables you to build your network with minimum effort.
• 802.11 b/g/n
• Up to 300Mbps
• Support AP/STA mode
• Up to 200 ft of coverage
• Up to 32 devices

Getting Your Mobile Devices Online Wherever You Are.
Powerful built-in battery to keep the network easily connected during power outages and on the go.
• 5000 mAh battery
• 8-hour power backup

Efficient and Free InHand Device Management
With InHand Device Manager cloud platform, it is easy to manage devices, enhancing efficiency.
• Simple and intuitive dashboard
• User-friendly management
• Multidimensional visual management

Lightweight Design, Portable Use
Compact body with detachable design, connect anywhere, anytime.
• Plug-and-play
• Compact design and easily portable