InHand EdgeRouter800 Series

Faced with the ever-increasing digitalisation of enterprises, the demand for connecting more branches has increased significantly, efficient and convenient network management solutions are important. InHand launched the ER800 series of cloud-managed edge routers with the InCloud Manager cloud services to transform your branch with high-speed, safe, simple, and convenient network solutions.

The EdgeRouter800 is a new generation of cloud-managed SD-WAN edge router products that provide convenient secure network access services for enterprise
business networks, with both extensive 5G/4G cellular network and wired broadband network. Nevertheless, it has comprehensive security functions to ensures the data and financial security. In addition, in this brand new 5G era, with InCloud Manager cloud services, the ER800 can manage devices and networks conveniently.

The EdgeRouter800 provides high-speed, secure network connection and onestop network management service to power your business with unlimited possibilities.

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Key Features

5G high-speed cellular network access

Support Zero Touch deployment

Powerful edge computing

Maximum 1300Mbps dual-band concurrent, AP/STA mode switching

Refined and visualized network management

Technical Details

• Centralised Cloud Management
As a network access device, the ER805 edge router can realize cloud management with InCloud Manager and helps you to manage thousands of distributed sites all over the world, it monitors your network anytime and anywhere and improves efficiency.

• Omnipresent and Continuous Internet Access Capability: 5G
It is equipped with 5G cellular network access capabilities, fully providing new capabilities and new experiences brought by 5G networks. The high bandwidth, low latency and other features make a better service.
• Global 5G network access, downstream rate 2Gbps, support SA/NS networking
• Gigabit Ethernet, WAN/LAN/VLAN/Dual WAN
• Maximum bandwidth 1300Mbps, support 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n, 2.4G+5G Wi-Fi dual-band

• Zero-Touch Deployment
The integrated cloud design makes deployment easier and more convenient, and deployment can be completed in a few clicks.
• Plug and play
• Scan code APP configuration
• Quick access to cloud services
• InCloud Manager remote configuration

• SD-WAN Highly-reliable and Uninterrupted Network Connection
ER805 integrates hardware, software and cloud services to realise SD-WAN network, therefore ensures uninterrupted high-quality network services. Link redundancy, load balancing, bandwidth management, link failover and other functions can effectively ensure the stability of the business network and reduce the risk of network failures, thus reduce network costs, and increase productivity.

• Refinement of the Network
ER805 makes network configuration easier. Through a simple and easy-to-configure visual interface, traffic is forwarded according to the rules made by IT personnel, which improves network access experience, reduces configuration difficulty, and reduces IT staff workload.
• Access Control, Firewall Policy, Routing, Traffic Shaping
• Various VPNs, digital certificates

• High Network visibility, insight into everything
Visualisation and enable IT engineers can gain insights into business problems from data, quickly troubleshoot problems.
• Dashboard, Traffic Statistics, Link Quality, Cellular Signal, Overview
• System log, diagnostic log, device event, email alert settings
• Device remote control, reboot, upgrade, reset
• Network diagnostic tools Ping, Traceroute, packet capture