InHand InGateway902 Series

The new IIoT edge computing gateway provides uninterrupted Internet access for machines over ubiquitous 3G/4G wireless networks and multiple broadband services. With powerful edge computing capabilities, comprehensive security protection and wireless services, InGateway902 can support device networking of up to 10,000 levels, providing high-speed data channels in the true sense of device informatisation.

InGateway902 features powerful edge computing capabilities. It realizes data optimisation, real-time response, agile connection and intelligent analysis on the IoT edge, significantly reduces the data flow between field sites and data centre, and avoid bottlenecks of cloud-end computing.

The edge computing gateway IG902 will help customers to optimize network architecture, enable more secure, responsive, and intelligent services on manufacturing sites.

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Key Features

Uninterrupted Internet access from anywhere

Powerful edge computing

Multiple industrial protocols supported

Python customisation development platform

Complete security protection

Technical Details

+ Supports 4G LTE CAT4 and CAT6
+ Built-in redundancies: dual SIM card, link backup, VRRP hot standby, ensuring uninterrupted network communications
+ Powerful computing performance, providing high-performance processing resources for edge computing
+ Supports a variety of industrial real-time Ethernet protocols and field bus protocols, compatible with a wide range of industrial equipment
+ Supports Python development, for developing user custom applications
+ Supports Docker container technology
+ Supports industrial cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS
+ Easy for management and large-scale deployment, supports SNMP protocol and InHand Device Manager cloud platform for efficient remote central management
+ Fully industrial-grade design, ready for challenging conditions