InHand InVehicle G710 Series

The InVehicle G710 4G LTE gateway provides high-speed and secure network access for vehicles and transportation services, including special-purpose, heavy equipment, law enforcement, emergency, engineering and ambulance vehicles. The cloud-based fleet management platform provides continuous supervision for logistics management, asset tracking, mobile offices and government security works.

The InVehicle G710 has industrial grade hardware platform, high-speed Wi-Fi and LTE CAT6 WAN to provide fast, reliable and secure network access for vehicles and vehicle-mounted devices. It supports CAN bus for real-time collection of vehicle data; built-in advanced satellite navigation system for continuous accurate positioning; combining with remote analysis software, it supports monitoring of dangerous driving behaviours.

The gateway is embedded with powerful edge computing capability and supports fast custom development by Python. It also supports MS Azure and AWS IoT clouds.

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Key Features

Designed for vehicles with E-Mark

Global satellite positioning

Edge computing

Driver behaviour monitoring

Fleet management platform

Technical Details

+ Supports 4G LTE CAT6
+ Built-in link redundancy, dual SIM, link backup
+ Dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi and Ethernet
+ Easy to manage and deploy in large scale
+ Vehicle-mounted OTA upgrade service
+ Integrated OBD-II/J1939/diagnostic interface
+ Industrial-grade chip, communication module and electronic components
+ Supports Python and Docker for secondary development