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Retail store windows are a great place to place digital posters, they leave a clear and unobstructed view of your shop front.

It important to get the format correct and more importantly, the brightness level is key in a successful deployment. We offer displays with over 2,000 nits brightness for installation in shop windows that are subjected to direct sun, and displays with lower brightness for perhaps indoor shopping centres.

Double-sided screens can be different brightness to conserve power and maximum viability.


  • 1080 & 4K high resolution display1080 & 4K high resolution display
  • 3,000 & 700 nits high brightness commercial grade screen3,000 & 700 nits high brightness commercial grade screen
  • Lightweight slim enclosureLightweight slim enclosure
  • Maintenance free designMaintenance free design
  • Smart temperature controlSmart temperature control
  • Integrated Android or Windows media playerIntegrated Android or Windows media player